Tom Meyers

Osteopath, Body-centred Stress Coaching

Tom Meyers 1200

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Français, English, Deutsch, Nederlands
Personnal description
As an osteopath D.O., I specialize in helping you to cope better, feel, and stay strong within:
  • during or after a period of stress or adversity at work or at home
  • in a moment where you are experiences important life changes
  • on your journey of personal development

Often it is overlooked that the body in or after important life changes or when you're on a journey of personal development, experiences more stress than usual and that muscle tensions, but also a neurohormonal disbalance, reduced resistance and digestive problems can occur.

Then weeks or months later you suddenly feel depleted, lack motivation, or suffer from physical problems like a blocked neck or back. You might have reoccurring colds or infections, migraines and/or unexplained psychological problems (depression, anxiety, ...) and/or behavioral complaints (being more forgetful, mood swings, become more intolerant....). In an advanced stage this can create a feeling of the body and mind not being aligned any more and/or experience symptoms for which no real clinical diagnosis can be given by regular doctors.

When you recognize these in you don't hesitate to make an appointment and I will help you back into health and find balance. I might not be able to solve your problems but I can help you to cope and feel better

Of course I can also like to help you with general complaints for which you can consult an osteopath: acute or chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, headache, pelvis, knee and foot problems etc.
List of qualifications
Certified Osteopath since 2007D.O. Qualification (2015)BSc in Osteopathy (2015)MSc in Osteopathy (2019)
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Osteopathy, Stress Coaching, Brussels, work related stress, fatigue, energy loss,Mal de dos, Articulation, Douleurs articulaires, Lombalgie, Lumbago, Douleurs musculaires, Douleurs cervicales, Dysfonction cervico-faciales, Douleurs nerveuses, Douleurs d'origine psychique, Ostéopathes DO, Ostéopathie, Surmenage au travail, Correction de la posture, Sciatalique, Tendinite

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Tom Meyers

H. Pauwelslaan 7
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

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